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The 15 Best Bette Davis Movies, Ranked
15. Dangerous
In "Dangerous," Bette Davis stars as Joyce Heath, a once-successful theater actress who is forgotten due to a series of unfortunate events and seeks to make a comeback with the help of an admirer. While the film may not be particularly memorable, Davis' performance is unforgettable and justifies her first Oscar win.
14. The Anniversary
In the uncomfortable and hilarious black comedy "The Anniversary," Davis plays Mrs. Taggart, the wicked matriarch of a dysfunctional family. Davis gives an outstanding performance, fully owning her role and delivering venomous lines with abject glee, making the film an absolute thrill to watch.
13. Storm Center
"Storm Center" is considered the first American film to tackle McCarthyism and holds an important place in Hollywood history. Davis delivers a brave and inspiring performance as Alicia Hull, a librarian whose refusal to remove a particular book, "The Communist Dream," costs Hull her job, as she is branded a communist and tormented by the town.
12. Human Bondage
"Of Human Bondage" is an emotionally powerful film in which Davis portrays Mildred Rogers, one-half of a toxic, on-again-off-again couple. She is brilliant in the film, particularly in the scene in which she lashes out at Leslie Howard, and it's no surprise she became a write-in nominee at the Academy Awards for her performance.
11. The Letter
Davis plays Leslie Crosbie, a married woman who shoots a man dead and claims he was trying to get her to commit adultery, but the appearance of a mysterious letter threatens the credibility of her story. The film has plenty of intrigue and excitement and maintains tension throughout, and Davis' performance is excellent, as usual.