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The 15 Best Adult Animated Shows On Netflix
BoJack Horseman
"BoJack Horseman" follows a literal horse who is shockingly human — he is depressed and floating through life, listless and unfulfilled. The show, which has been called a “sadcom,” is universally loved, especially for episodes like “Free Churro,” which explores Bojack’s memories of a deceased mother who didn’t love him.
A Gothic fantasy based on the video game series of the same name, "Castlevania" is a wonderful fantasy story that is darkly funny and gorgeous to look at. While the show follows Trevor Belmont and his plans to put an end to the monsters plaguing his land, the series also lets you empathize with Dracula — the monster born out of the grief of losing his wife.
"Disenchantment" follows the exploits of a rebellious princess named Bean, a silly elf named Elfo, and Luci, Bean's personal house demon who shares Loki’s temperament. This series from Matt Groening feels right at home, thanks to its familiar art style and the sight gags and general zaniness you can expect from his productions.
Midnight Gospel
"Midnight Gospel" is a surreal series that pairs recordings from comedian Duncan Trussell's podcast, "The Duncan Trussell Family Hour," with psychedelic animation, exploring deep and wide-ranging topics like mortality, drug use, and existential dread. One of the best episodes is "Mouse of Silver," where the host talks to his mother about life, death, and grief.
Blood of Zeus
Following the story of Heron, a miner who finds out that he is actually the son of Zeus (which makes him a demi-god), “Blood of Zeus” takes Greek mythology and turns it into a fantasy epic. The series is rife with wars between gods, giants, and demons, as well as the squishy humans caught in the middle, making it an adventurous and action-packed watch.