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The 14 Most Powerful MCU Weapons, Ranked
14. Web-shooters
Peter Parker's DIY web-shooters, along with their web fluid, have a tensile strength that can tie up enemies, knock out foes, and — of course — help Spidey swing. Add the Stark upgrade to the mix, and you have web shooters that can launch GPS trackers, tase, stun, and snare multiple targets at the same time, making them an instrumental weapon.
13. cybernetic arm
The Winter Soldier, aka Bucky, possesses all of Captain America's enhanced abilities, plus a mechanical arm that can rip off car doors and punch through walls like they're wet cardboard. Once Hydra’s brainwashing is undone, Bucky gets a vibranium arm, which lets him deflect bullets, withstand powerful forces, and add more power to his punches.
12. Vibranium shield
Captain America's shield is made of vibranium, which lets Cap fall from death-defying heights (unbruised) and fend off bullets, grenades, Iron Man, and even Thor’s hammer. Besides being an excellent defensive weapon, the shield is a godsend during combat, and also a long-range weapon after being upgraded with electro-magnetics.
11. YAKA arrow
Controlled by various high-pitch whistles that only trained members of the Centaurians can make, Yondu’s Yaka Arrow responds to Yondu's commands with laser-focused accuracy. It can fly through dozens of foes, cut through armor and bones, and also be used as a transportation device (and a means of intimidation during negotiations).
10. Panther's Habit
The Black Panther suit, or the Panther Habit, is made entirely of vibranium, giving its wearer virtual indestructibility. The suit not only lets T’Challa take bullets and explosions as well as land powerful punches, but it also uses nanotechnology to regenerate itself, and it absorbs energy which it then redirects as a super-charged burst attack.