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The 14 Greatest James Cameron Scenes, Ranked
14. Titanic
After watching Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson fall in love in “Titanic,” the scene where Rose has to let Jack’s body sink into the Atlantic is truly heartbreaking. For someone who’s known mainly for action movies, Cameron still knows how to film a sentimental, tear-inducing moment.
13. Terminator 2
After “The Terminator” and “Aliens,” Cameron had become the master of all things action - car chases, explosions, shootouts, etc. There is no frame that is wasted in “Terminator 2: Judgement Day’s” exciting tow truck chase, and the electronic score by Brad Fiedel makes it even better.
12. Avatar
When "Avatar's" Jake Sully makes a connection with a flying mountain banshee for the first time, audiences see the majestic scenery of Pandora as the characters soar in the sky. While the story and characters of “Avatar” aren’t Cameron’s best, the visuals are absolutely stunning.
11. The Terminator
The shootout at Tech Noir in “The Terminator” is a powerful example of Cameron’s ability to create suspense. The audience knows that T-800 is the one trying to kill Sarah Connor even though she thinks it’s Kyle Reese, and seeing T-800 mow through innocent people at the nightclub is truly brutal.
10. True Lies
The chase scene in the Florida Keys in “True Lies” is fast-paced and destructive, and includes a bridge being blown up and a limousine falling into the ocean. Cameron used special effects, stunt performers, miniatures, and more to make the daring sequence just right.