Still from The Viking, 1928
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The 14 Best Viking Movies Of All Time
14. The Long Ships (1964)
The film centers on a king (Sidney Poitier) and an explorer (Richard Widmark) searching for a magic golden bell, and it was based on a book by Swedish author Frans G. Bengtsson.
The film has a lighthearted and fun tone that makes it still a worthwhile watch today, despite not having the most advanced special effects.
13. The Viking (1928)
This film was one of the earliest Viking movies, and it told the story of Leif Ericsson’s journey to America, with a romantic rivalry along the way.
The film has beautiful costumes and production, and it’s important for being the first soundtracked Technicolor film, even if the dialogue was still done through title cards.
12. Beowulf (2007)
Though the story of “Beowulf” predates Vikings, it’s an important piece of Scandinavian folklore that still follows many of the same beats as a traditional Viking story.
While the 2007 film’s special effects don’t quite stand up today, the film is still well-done and benefits from the masterful writing of Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary.
11. Erik the Viking (1989)
Most famous for directing “Monty Python” films, Terry Jones also directed “Erik The Viking.” It has a simple narrative, but also a comedic charm that makes it a fun watch.
10. The White Viking (1991)
This Hrafn Gunnlaugsson film tells the story of Askur trying to save his wife, Embla, from the real-life Christian extremist King Olaf, and it’s one of the director’s best works.