NEW YORK - JUNE 05:  Actor Tim Curry attends the 59th Annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall June 5, 2005 in New York City.  (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)
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The 14 Best Tim Curry Movies Ranked
14. Legend
Tim Curry wears elaborate makeup and full-body prosthetics to portray his character, Lord of Darkness, in the cult classic "Legend." Allegedly, it took Curry nearly six hours to apply the prosthetics, and his turn as the bad guy was responsible for the film receiving an Oscar nomination for best makeup.
13. The Shout
Curry appears in the small but crucial role of Robert Graves, who is attempting to keep score of a cricket match while also listening to Alan Bates' character's relentlessly inane yet sometimes threatening stories. This was only Curry's second big-screen appearance, but it showcases both his talent and taste for offbeat projects.
12. Charlie's Angels
In the 2000 adaptation of "Charlie's Angels," Curry plays the role of Roger Corwin, a tech mogul believed to have kidnapped Sam Rockwell's character. With his naturally shady screen presence, Curry is the perfect misdirect here because, as soon as he turns up, the audience is predisposed to assume he's the bad guy.
11. The Wild...
Tim Curry voices the character of Nigel Thornberry, the loving but oblivious father of Eliza Thornberry, in the successful animated series "The Wild Thornberrys." He reprised his role in the 2002 film "The Wild Thornberrys Movie," which was a modest hit and earned Nickelodeon its first and only Oscar nomination for best original song.
10. Annie
In "Annie," Curry portrays con artist Rooster, who plots with Bernadette Peters' character to pose as Annie's long-lost parents and collect the $50,000 reward offered by Daddy Warbucks. He shines in his underrated, villainous turn and delivers a jazzy showstopper number called "Easy Street."