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The 14 Best Superman The Animated Series Episodes
14. Brave New Metropolis
Superman and Lois Lane have always had a complicated relationship, with Superman keeping Lois at a distance in “The Animated Series.” But in “Brave New Metropolis,” Lois travels to an alternate universe where Superman has become a sort of dictator due to that world’s Lois dying of a crime, and Lois finally learns to what extent the hero cares for her.
13. My Girl
“My Girl” deals with more than watching Superman battle against a villain, as his childhood sweetheart, Lana Lang, becomes romantically involved with his archnemesis, Lex Luthor. As the episode explores a love triangle between the three, the audience sees the difference in how Superman and Lex approach humanity with how they handle the situation.
12. Stolen Memories
After meeting the artificial intelligence Brainiac during “Stolen Memories,” the Man of Steel finally has the chance to learn about Krypton and its people via an information orb onboard Brainiac’s ship. Superman discovers the AI’s nefarious plan of collecting data on a world, and destroys it, stopping his plans and saving Earth once again.
11. Identity Crisis
Lex Luthor uses Superman’s blood to make a clone with all the same powers as his nemesis, though without the same sensibilities. The malformed clone, Bizarro, has good intentions and even believes himself to be the Man of Steel, but his actions cause massive destruction whenever he tries to help, putting Superman in a difficult position.
10. In Brightest Day...
When an alien in a green suit crashes on Earth, a glowing ring seeks Kyle Rayner, transforming him into the new Green Lantern. Soon after gaining this power, Rayner faces off against the former Green Lantern, Sinestro, and although Superman is no match for the villain, he helps Rayner gain the confidence to defeat his foe.