BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 17: Honoree Ryan Reynolds, recipient of the American Cinematheque Award, speaks onstage during the 36th Annual American Cinematheque Awards at The Beverly Hilton on November 17, 2022 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for American Cinematheque)
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The 14 Best Ryan Reynolds Movies, Ranked
14. The Croods
Ryan Reynolds is one of the rare Hollywood stars who can add personality to a voice-over performance, and the best example of that is his turn as Guy in the family adventure film "The Croods." Oddly, Guy resembles the type of hero Reynolds usually plays in his action roles — a slightly eccentric, charismatic loner whose quips would be obnoxious if he wasn't so helpful.
13. 6 Underground
"6 Underground" follows a group of vigilante operatives, including Reynolds' Magnet S. Johnson, as they perform covert assassinations and extraction missions across the globe. Reynolds' quips come as fast as the bullets, and no amount of carnage can prevent him from having fun, making it a film that is best enjoyed as a guilty pleasure.
12. Safe House
"Safe House" follows CIA gatekeeper Matt Weston (Reynolds) as he investigates accused turncoat Tobin Frost. It's one of the few times Reynolds plays a hero who isn't larger than life, and he proves his merit as a dramatic actor in the film's final act, in which Weston is forced to question
his conscience.
11. The Adam Project
Reynolds stars as pilot Adam Reed, who travels back in time from the year 2050 to uncover the reason for his wife's death, only to meet his younger self, who is grieving his father's death. Reynolds does a great job of showing Reed's regret and looks uncomfortable encountering his past.
10. Self/less
The film follows wealthy businessman Damian Hale (Sir Ben Kingsley), whose mind is placed in the body of a younger man Mark Bitwell (Reynolds). Reynolds shows his range in the flashback scenes, and given how unlikeable Hale is at the beginning of the film, it's impressive that Reynolds was able to show his maturation and growth.