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The 14 Best Mad Men Characters, Ranked
14. Betty Draper
January Jones makes Betty’s character fascinating and unlikeable for us at the same time. While she shares other female characters’ struggles with sexism and is vital to the show, Betty ranks last due to her storylines being less compelling after her divorce from Don Draper (Jon Hamm), as well as her cruelty towards Sally (Kiernan Shipka).
13. Ken Cosgrove
Ken Cosgrove (Aaron Stanton) is a good-natured salesman who is often taken advantage of (being shot in the eye is a good example). He’s not given much to do in the later seasons, but we do know some stuff about him, like his interest in writing sci-fi short stories, and that he is considerably less sexist than the other guys — which isn’t really saying much.
12. Megan Draper
Megan Calvet (Jessica Pare) appears to be the kind of cheerful and moderately ambitious woman that Don would be attracted to, but she turns out to be as selfish as Don. We see two sides to her — one that is egocentric, and the other that doesn’t deserve to be mistreated by Don and invites our sympathy. Regardless, she is a great role model to Sally.
11. Trudy Campbell
Trudy Campbell (Alison Brie) is hopelessly sincere and, initially, clueless about her husband's secret affairs. Her ignorance also shows us the oblivion of the upper class to reality, which adds satire to her character, but she eventually gains agency as the series continues, and earns our empathy thanks to Brie’s great performance.
10. Anna Draper
Anna (Melinda Page Hamilton) is the wife of the man whose identity was stolen by Don Draper, and while she initially considers exposing Don to the authorities, they ultimately become friends. Don opens up to her and even covers her financial burdens, and while she isn’t featured as much as the other characters, her death in the fourth season is a huge gut punch.