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The 14 Best Golf Movies, Ranked
14. Gentleman’s Game
Far from a family friendly movie, “A Gentleman’s Game” is an R-rated sports drama with salty language and a dark view on life. As a caddie, Timmy Price discovers the world isn’t as cut and dried as he believed — the film’s a bit heavy-handed and unpolished, but still has some interesting ideas.
13. The Caddy
“The Caddy” is a fun movie with enough wacky humor and bouncy tunes to hold one’s attention for 90 minutes. Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin are humorous as a man-child and his golf-challenged buddy, and their chemistry is delightful. Plus, the supporting cast consists of cameos from famous golfers like Ben Hogan.
12. Bobby Jones
The film “Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius” had the potential to be great, but it feels more like a highlight reel than an examination of the man behind the myth. Still, it is well-acted and includes various golf tournaments that reveal Jones’ understanding of the game.
11. Bagger Vance
“The Legend of Bagger Vance” follows Rannulph Junuh and the mysterious caddie Bagger Vance, as Junuh rediscovers himself after his experience in World War I. The film implies that golf and life are the same, and one need only look past the obstacles facing them to hit the green and achieve true happiness.
10. From the Rough
“From the Rough” is a formulaic but inspirational true-life sports drama about a swimming coach, who leaves the water to serve as head coach for Tennessee State University's men's golf team. It wears its heart on its sleeve and is about as predictable as a four-foot putt, but no one goes into this type of film expecting originality.