(Original Caption) Clark Gable is debonair, nonchalant, and adventurous, What more could anybody want? - in the Columbia production, It Happened One Night, directed by Frank Capra, in which he is co-starred with Claudette Colbert for the first time.
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The 14 Best Clark Gable Movies, Ranked
14. Homecoming
“Homecoming” provided Clark Gable with one of his most world-weary performances, playing a man who has endured much professionally and personally from his wartime service. The movie also marked the third onscreen collaboration between Lana Turner and Gable and was, by far, their most complex and tragic pairing.
13. Saratoga
1932’s “Red Dust” proved Gable and Jean Harlow had natural on-screen chemistry, and when they reunited for Saratoga in 1936, it was more of the same. Gable also managed to masterfully evoke sympathy for his character Duke Bradley, a horse-race bookie trying to settle gambling debts.
12. Boom Town
Gable also had great on-screen rapport with his longtime friend Spencer Tracy, and the two appeared in five movies together, including their final pairing in 1940’s “Boom Town.” Their poignant portrayal of a fraying friendship somewhat mirrored their reality, as Tracy left Fox for more prominent roles at MGM, marking the end of their on-screen run.
11. The Hucksters
After leaving active military duty in World War II, Gable played against his usual noble on-screen persona in the 1947 film “The Hucksters.” Gable’s Vic Norman may have put some fans off because of his unscrupulous nature, but the movie was one of the biggest of the year and showcased his growing range.
10. Manhattan...
It wasn't often that Gable received the chance to play an outright villain, but his most memorable one was in the 1934 crime film “Manhattan Melodrama.” Gable is convincing as the cold-blooded murderer, Blackie Gallagher, and his against-type performance only enhanced the movie’s crime plotline.