Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers in the television series, "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," 1998.
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The 14 Best Buffy The Vampire Slayer Episodes, Ranked
14. Prophecy Girl
This episode brought a satisfying end to Buffy's first season arc, as she is forced to embrace her destiny while also foreshadowing her ongoing relationship with death. "Prophecy Girl" also establishes the precedent of Buffy's self-sacrifice in a moody gothic episode that would set the tone for much of the series to come.
13. Chosen
While many "Buffy" fans have mixed feelings about the final season, the series finale is an undeniable accomplishment in terms of storytelling and emotion. It not only contains a powerful and resonant (albeit slightly dated) message of feminine power, but it also wisely makes a newly ensouled Spike the champion who ultimately saves the world.
12. Fool for Love
Spike was originally only supposed to have a five-episode arc, but due to his immense likability, he stuck around and became one of the most dynamic characters. In this episode, we get a fascinating origin story for William the Bloody, that provides empathetic insight into a complicated character and sows the seeds of a Spuffy romance that is still hotly debated.
11. Surprise/Innocence
This unofficial two-parter packs a lot of drama as Angel reverts to his demonic Angelus form. The arc is thematically rich and heartbreaking, mirroring the real experience many girls face after having sex for the first time. It's also a crushing testament to duty in the face of loss and a step forward in her journey as a warrior.
10. Passion
This devastating episode demonstrates to the Scoobies, and fans alike, that Angel has truly become the evil Angelus while creating more rifts between Buffy and her friends. Because she prioritizes herself and her love for Angel, Jenny dies and people are hurt. This realization is tragic but necessary in building Buffy into the Slayer that she will become.