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The 14 Best 9-1-1 Episodes Ranked
14. Season 1, Episode 4
"Worst Day Ever" makes this list not only because it gives viewers a very important glimpse into Bobby's past, but it also has one of Angela Bassett's greatest monologues thus far. While the reliable dynamic of the team hadn't perfectly coalesced yet, this episode really gave the audience its first taste of the show’s true potential.
13. Season 1, Episode 6
"Heartbreaker" is a Valentine's Day episode that tracks a series of romances gone wrong. It's an amusing — and at times harrowing — take on the titular subject, and it's probably the season’s best episode, but it's not until the next couple of seasons that the show would really hit its sweet spot.
12. Season 5, Episode 8
“Defend in Place" is a real heart-squeezer, as it deals with an emergency that threatens the lives of hundreds of souls, as well as a character we've become fond of. It's a really well-structured episode-long emergency, though it's not quite as memorable as some of the other city-wide disasters.
11. Season 5, Episode 2
During all of this chaos and heartbreak in “Desperate Times,” we also see one of the most heartwarming calls on the show to date, delivered to us by one May Grant. Though Harry's kidnapping is a shocking turn of events it's actually May's heroism that gives this episode a spot on the list.
10. Season 3, Episode 16
Although there are several other developments in "The One That Got Away," it's a treat to see Buck really dig into his emotions — which Oliver Stark plays brilliantly — and reckon with his abandonment issues. This episode is up there with the best of the best, though it doesn't have as much action as we've come to expect.