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The 13 Best Clones In Star Wars, Ranked
13. Commander Cody
Despite having the legacy of trying to execute Obi-Wan Kenobi in “Revenge of the Sith,” Commander Cody is the most recognizable clone in the live-action movies and represented the possibilities of clone-centered storylines that existed before the cartoons. However, “The Clone Wars” does little to develop the character, placing Cody at the bottom of the list.
12. Gregor
The mischievous trooper with a habit of snickering, Gregor possesses a cheerful personality that is rare among his fellow clones and later proves that it’s possible to break free from the Empire’s influence in Season 1 of “The Bad Batch.” Contributing to the hilarious running gag of stormtroopers being terrible shots, Gregor reveals his role in sabotaging their training.
11. Jesse
Jesse is more of a symbol than a person and represents the “everyman” clone, having unwavering loyalty to the Republic, his Jedi commanders, and his brothers. While he shows the ability for independent thinking in Season 4 of “The Clone Wars,” Jesse ultimately becomes a disposable, brainwashed tool of war after Order 66.
10. Wrecker
First introduced in “The Clone Wars” Season 7, the explosive-loving Wrecker operates as the muscle of the Bad Batch and is seen as a dim-witted brute. Luckily, “The Bad Batch” further explores Wrecker, showing him to be a more relatable character as he attempts to raise his young clone sister Omega, despite having a childlike mind himself.
9. Echo
Echo began as a “reg” clone trooper with a habit of repeating orders, but his life was forever changed when Separatists converted his body and brain into a mechanical instrument of war. After his rescue, Echo explores new life options and joins the Bad Batch, where he does much to question the group’s survival and moral choices.