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The 12 Scariest Movie Spiders Ever
Arguably the scariest spider movie ever made, Frank Marshall's "Arachnophobia" delivers on what the title promises by using real spiders. As the film's main character, Dr. Ross Jennings discovers these aren't just normal spiders: They're newly-discovered prehistoric spiders with deadly venom.
The Mist
In “The Mist,” it’s not only the fangs of these giant arachnids that are deadly but also the corrosive webs they create that slice through flesh, making their likely Xenomorph cousins proud of their acidic abilities. Overall, it is the movie's most gruesome beat and aptly exploits the innate fear of eight-legged menaces.
Eight Legged Freaks
2002's "Eight Legged Freaks" was a respectable modern update on the 1950’s monstrous B-movie craze. Swapping out nuclear radiation for toxic pollution, Ellory Elkayem's film is a cheeky, self-aware giant monster bonanza — with toxic spiders reproducing on the outskirts of an unsuspecting town.
Harry Potter
While Aragog, the giant, sentient spider in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” is kind enough to reveal Hagrid's innocence to Harry and Ron, he still encourages his offspring to devour the duo. Although the two survive, it's a nightmarish scene and far scarier than anything in the “Harry Potter” film franchise.
“Possum” endures as one of the scariest movies in recent memory, with a story that is deeply oppressive, aggressively dark, and moving. While the puppet Possum isn't a spider in the strictest sense, it works wonders as a symbolic incarnation of the protagonist's psyche and deepest fears.