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The 12 Saddest Moments in Titanic
Rose Attempts Suicide
Rose dreads her life and attempts suicide early in the film, but Jack finds her readying to jump off the boat and talks her down. Jack and Rose's brief happiness is interrupted when Cal, Rose’s fiance, arrives — although she's reclaimed her life, Rose remains just as trapped as she was before.
The Daddies
During the ship's sinking, a young girl doesn't want to leave her father's arms after she’s placed in a lifeboat. Her father tells her, “There'll be another boat for the daddies.” The audience — and this man — know there will not be “another boat for the daddies,” and the scene’s a heartbreaking illustration of a man trying to protect his children.
Rose Stays Back
When both Jack and Call tell Rose to get onto a lifeboat, she initially acquiesces to their demands; however, she can't bear separating from Jack, so she jumps back on the ship, and Jack races down the stairs to greet her. They allow themselves a brief moment of joy before things go to hell, which makes everything feel more tragic.
One Last Song
As people scream and run around the deck, the band plays on, and its song accompanies one of the most moving montages in the entire film, where passengers from all walks of life come face to face with death. According to the BBC, musicians aboard the real Titanic played for nearly two hours after the iceberg hit.
The Captain
When it's obvious there's nothing more that can save the sinking ship, the Captain returns to the helm to steer the boat until the windows break, water pours in, and he presumably dies shortly after. Unlike Bruce Ismay, who escapes the disaster like a coward, Captain Smith confronts his fate head-on, bringing tears to the eyes of many viewers.