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The 12 Most Terrifying Horror Movie Families
The Tethered Wilsons
Adelaide Wilson in “Us” relives childhood terror, as her family members are invaded by their tortured doppelgängers, known as the tethered, with whom they share souls. Outrageously sympathetic, the tethered Wilsons are terrifying in both their primal commitment to one another and in their extreme violence.
The Voorhees Family
In "Friday the 13th,” Pamela Voorhees seeks revenge after her son, Jason, drowns at Camp Crystal Lake in 1958, and continues her rampage 20 years later following the camp’s reopening. Jason returns to carry out his mother’s legacy, making the film a straight slasher and a warning to be wary of overprotective mothers.
The Le Domas Family
Newlywed Grace in “Ready or Not” unsuspectingly marries into the cursed Le Domas family, whose wealth is predicated on games. What begins as normal hide and seek, rapidly spirals into Grace’s hiding and fighting to survive the night, as the family must hunt her down and sacrifice her, lest they all die in the morning.
The Ayres Family
“The Little Stranger” features a cursed family who, one by one, fall victim to terrible, and potentially supernatural, deaths. It comes to light that the real curse is in the harm inflicted upon any and all who they come across, which results in an internal kind of terror that remains wickedly, chillingly effective.
The Firefly Family
The Firefly family best conceptualizes Rob Zombie’s distinct brand of horror, a clan of violent serial killers who terrorized Texas in the 1970s. In "The Devil's Rejects," it's suggested the family is responsible for over 75 different killings, but likely more, and as the core trio outruns the law, they rack up more bodies along the way.