Alien Spacecraft approaching the coast at twilight
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The 12 Coolest Spaceships In Sci-Fi Movie History
In-universe, X-wings are swift and powerful starfighters that were originally made for use by the Imperial Navy. The X-wing boasts a grimy, rag-tag look that stands in stark contrast to the unsettling uniformity of the Empire's TIE fighters; it practically screams rebel chic, and only one is needed to blow up the entire Death Star.
USCSS Nostromo
A scary story is only as good as its setting, and "Alien" would be nothing without the USCSS Nostromo. There's something unmistakably Gigeresque about the ship’s labyrinth of hard angles, unnatural patterns, and strange tubes, giving the finished effect of a spaceship that looks half-beautiful and half-terrifying.
The Event Horizon
Aesthetically, the Event Horizon owes much to the Nostromo, but it is scarier and more dangerous than anything Ellen Ripley faced. The Event Horizon's ability to hop between realities widens the scope of its terrible potential, and there's also something to be said for the unbridled barbarity of the Event Horizon's dark side.
The spacecraft in the 1929 silent film, "Woman in the Moon," may not look like much to modern audiences, but the ship's influence on both cinema and real-world space travel is astonishing. It was the first motion picture in history to use a scientific advisor, resulting in a portrayal of rocket travel so realistic that the Nazis later banned the film.
Discovery One
Discovery One is the pivotal spacecraft in the 1968 sci-fi masterpiece "2001: A Space Odyssey,” whose mission is complicated when a red-eyed computer begins to malfunction. The ship’s gleaming white interior has influenced countless films over the years, and its computer, HAL 9000, is an all-time great villain.