LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 17: Benjamin Bratt, and Natasha Lyonne attend the after party for the Los Angeles premiere of Peacock's Original series 'Poker Face' on January 17, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images)
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The 12 Best Poker Face Guest Stars, Ranked
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"Poker Face."
12. Benjamin Bratt
Benjamin Bratt is excellent as Cliff Legrand, a fixer who is hot on Charlie Cale's tail, but he is at the bottom of the list because his recurring guest spot doesn't feel quite as special as actors who knock it out of the park in a single appearance. Still, Bratt gets a chance to flex his acting muscles in the Season 1 finale.
11. Adrien Brody
In Episode 1, Adrien Brody plays Sterling Frost Jr., a casino owner who orders the killing of an employee. Brody's face works perfectly in a screen-filling closeup, making him a fitting first guest star for Cale to use her human lie-detector powers on, while the end of his character is a reminder that no A-lister is safe in "Poker Face."
10. Nick Nolte
In Episode 8, Nick Nolte portrays Arthur, an aging special effects wizard who left the industry when he sensed animation's shift to CGI. Nolte, now in his 80s, still boasts a commanding presence, and his haunting performance, especially in the death scene, proves he is the perfect choice for the role.
9. Ron Perlman
Although viewers have heard his voice in the pilot, Ron Perlman's character Sterling Frost Sr. makes his first on-screen appearance in the Season 1 finale of "Poker Face." His intense conversation with Cale is a defining moment of the series, and his death is another reminder that no guest star is safe in the show.
8. Lil Rel Howery
In Episode 3, Lil Rel Howery plays Taffy Boyle, the proprietor of a popular Texas BBQ joint, and gets numerous moments of comic relief. However, he later plays against type and shows the sinister side of his character — the distance between his usual star image and his impressive performance lands him a higher spot on this list.