LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 10: Jamie Foxx attends the world premiere Of Netflix's "Day Shift" - Arrivals at Regal LA Live on August 10, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Unique Nicole/WireImage)
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The 12 Best Jamie Foxx Movies, Ranked
12. White House...
In "White House Down," Channing Tatum's John Cale dons a white tank top to save Jamie Foxx's smooth-talking President Sawyer when terrorists invade the White House. Foxx brings an equal dose of charm and gravitas to his role as President Sawyer and crafts a character worth rooting for.
11. Spider-Man 2
Foxx has the tricky task of playing a character viewers empathize with and later fear in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." His character starts as Max Dillon, a nobody everybody treats like garbage, but when he turns into Electro, the actor brings the menace and believably slides into the role of one of Spider-Man's most dangerous foes.
10. Any Given Sunday
Foxx appeared in several roles in the early '90s, but Willie "Steamin" Beamen marked his big breakthrough and proved he could act alongside the best. His character enjoys the best arc in the film, and he delivers a star-making performance that sets the stage for future gigs working with some of the industry's most respected filmmakers.
9. Just Mercy
Foxx earned a Screen Actors Guild nomination for his supporting turn as Walter "Johnny D." McMillian. While the paint-by-numbers script does him few favors, Foxx delivers a subdued performance that relies more on subtle glances than out-and-out theatricality, and he is magnificent in the role.
8. Miami Vice
Foxx plays Ricardo Tubbs to perfection and delivers the right amount of charm and masculinity in a role he was born to play. Foxx portrayed gun-toting heroes before in films such as "Collateral" and "Stealth," but this was his first go as an action star, and the man doesn't disappoint; in fact, he alone makes this forgotten gem worth watching.