LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 31: Channing Tatum attends the UK screening of "The Lost City" at Cineworld Leicester Square on March 31, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)
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The 12 Best Channing Tatum Movies, Ranked
12. The Eagle
Channing Tatum plays Marcus Flavius Aquila, commander of a Roman regiment who wants to restore his father's honor by finding his mysteriously disappeared legion's standard, a golden eagle. It's interesting to see Tatum in a sword-and-sandal epic, as Marcus is far from his usual lovable doofuses.
11. White House...
Police Officer John Cale (Tatum) is on a tour of the White House with his daughter when terrorists blow up the Capitol building and take hostages forcing him to go on a mission to rescue his daughter and the President. Tatum is in typically likable lunkhead goofball mode, and if one can give in to the movie's escalating ridiculousness, it's a fun watch.
10. The Hateful Eight
Tatum plays the small but pivotal role of Jody Domergu, a man with a plan who doesn't care how many people he has to hurt along the way. He turns on the typical Tatum charm, but he's spewing Tarantino's idiosyncratic dialogue, and the result is that he walks away with several of the most memorable moments in "The Hateful Eight."
9. Step Up
The first "Step Up" film is an important step in Tatum's career, and his turn as a himbo is a characterization that would continue to follow him in other roles. Tatum is entirely winsome in the part, appearing sweet and charming even as he's trying to act tough, and he got along so well with his co-star Jenna Dewan that they married in real life.
8. Stop-Loss
Tatum's Sgt. Steve Shriver, an Iraq War soldier, is a role perhaps less-sympathetic compared to those of his co-stars Ryan Phillippe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. However, Tatum does an excellent job of letting viewers see not just the compliant Army boy but the quietly-terrified man underneath and Steve's struggle with PTSD.