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The 12 Best Batman Beyond Episodes, Ranked
12. Unmasked
"Unmasked" (Season 3, Episode 13) is a terrific episode and perfectly encapsulates what makes "Batman Beyond" such a great successor to the adventures of Bruce Wayne's tenure as Batman while also demonstrating what makes it work so well on its own. It's just that the series needed a better conclusion, is all.
11. Dead Man's Hand
"Batman Beyond" is at its best when it marries teen problems with superhero problems, and this episode — "Dead Man's Hand" (Season 1, Episode 8) — has plenty of both. It's a wonderful character exploration, as Terry McGinnis is forced to mature and learn how to make the best of the hand he's been dealt.
10. Eyewitness
"Eyewitness" (Season 2, Episode 14) is a brilliant throwback to the more noirish detective aspects of the Batman of yore. There are twists and turns aplenty here, all of which culminate in a satisfying conclusion, as well as a nice development in the relationship between Barbara Gordon, Wayne, and McGinnis.
9. Ascension
The personal stakes are incredibly high in "Ascension" (Season 1, Episode 13) because of McGinnis's connection to the villain, Derek Powers. It's a surprisingly thoughtful exploration of the thin line between justice and revenge and how good can easily become corrupted in its pursuit to end evil, making it a cut above most other superhero stories.
8. Disappearing Inque
"Disappearing Inque" (Season 1, Episode 11) doesn't shy away from showing body horror. Still, it never gets too gross, and the body horror is partially undercut by the tragedy of the character Aaron Herbs, as the episode still manages to evoke some pathos for him, portraying him as someone who's desperate for a friend.