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The 10 Most Visually Beautiful Scenes in Avatar: The Way of Water
Banshee Date Night
The Banshees, or Ikran, played such an important part in the first “Avatar,” that although they don’t play as big of a role in the sequel, it wouldn’t be complete without them. Before Jake and Neytiri relocate to the reefs, they give us one spectacular ride on their Ikran, with the majestic creatures glowing in the dark as they swoop and dive through the sky.
Train Robbery
The Banshees make another appearance when Jake and the Na’vi attack an RDA train from the air. With their guns and poison-dipped arrows, they quickly make the train explode and go head over heels, producing an amazing 3D scene, but there’s more to the scene than action and Jake realizes that war isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Metkayina Reef
Part of the joy of the original “Avatar” was being immersed in the beautiful world of Pandora, and likewise, “The Way of Water” introduces fans to the beauty of Metkayina Reef. We get our first glimpse when Jake and his family arrive on the beach, displaying a tropical paradise of sun, sand, perfectly sized pools, pretty seashells, tribal tattoos, and cute llu.
Glimpse of Pandora
When Quaritch awakens his avatar body in space, he’s initially madder than hell, but eventually gets his bearings and briefs his team. There comes a moment when Quaritch looks out the spaceship window at Pandora spinning below; from that distance, it’s a beautiful and peaceful sight that belies the hell he’s about to see up close.
First Dive
Like “Avatar” before it, “The Way of Water” is an immediately immersive experience, and a moment of almost literal immersion comes when Jake and Neytiri’s children dive into the ocean for the first time. The resulting oceanscape filled with alien fish is almost too real, making it hard to comprehend that Pandora’s ocean and inhabitants don’t actually exist.