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The 10 Most Underrated Episodes Of The West Wing
Season 2, Episode 9
“Galileo” isn’t a vital part of any multi-episode story arc — the main tension comes when the team loses contact with NASA’s Galileo V mission — but its subplots make it shine. The President begrudgingly learns to love modern classical music, Donna and Josh argue about a new stamp, and the President’s dislike of green beans turns into “a thing.”
Season 6, Episode 17
“A Good Day” is about giving a voice to the voiceless. Toby Ziegler realizes the power of his platform after a meeting with high school students, culminating in a student giving a speech at a live press conference. On the other hand, Democrats get creative when the House Speaker tries to shut them out of a vote on stem cell research, and they ultimately triumph.
Season 3, Episode 13
“Night Five” begins with a therapy session between Dr. Stanley Keyworth and Bartlet and has a touching moment when the President reveals feelings of inadequacy and Keyworth treats him like a human being rather than a figurehead. In other arcs, Donna contemplates a lucrative job offer, while C.J. attempts to rescue a journalist taken hostage in the Congo.
Season 5, Episode 20
In “No Exit” Bartlet and senior staff find themselves in lockdown in the White House. While it’s fun to see Deborah, Charlie and the president distract themselves with board games while wearing matching tracksuits, the episode's strength lies in odd pairings of characters stuck together that force them to confront personal issues.
Season 4, Episode 20
Another lockdown episode, “Evidence of Things Not Seen” is framed by a theme of hidden truths while the senior staff is in an active shooter lockdown. C.J. attempts to stand an egg on its head at the moment of the equinox, Bartlet tries to convince the Russians that a spy plane is not a spy plane, and Republican Joe Quincy, played by Matthew Perry, is introduced.