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The 10 Most Terrifying Moments In Smile, Ranked
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for the movie "Smile."
10. Looming Specter
"Smile" takes its place next to the best horror films of 2022, particularly for scenes where Rose feels like someone is watching from her dark bathroom shadows. As she rolls over to sleep, the audience sees a faint silhouette of a woman, which makes this entity coming after Rose feel inescapable, like it's toying with her, relishing her fear, and taking its time.
9. Phone Call
After the home alarm rings, Rose listens to the alarm company operator on the phone — but then the phone rings again, only it’s not in Rose's hand — she never actually picked it up. The phone call fake-out is an inspired choice because it shows early in the film that viewers can't trust what Rose sees or hears to be real.
8. Carl
A patient named Carl approaches Rose, shouting aggressively, "You're going to die!” but when Rose calls for help, the nurses arrive to find Carl sleeping peacefully. This scene is another example where the film tricks Rose and the audience into thinking something is real, which turns out to be an illusion created by what's haunting her.
7. Rose Attacks
Rose figures out that the key to breaking the curse is to murder someone in front of a witness, so she stabs Carl multiple times in front of Dr. Desai. Rose turns to the doctor and sees him rip his own face off; she snaps out of this, and viewers realize it was yet another mental trick played on her — Rose is still in the car outside of the hospital.
6. Birthday Gift
Rose attends her nephew Jackson's birthday party, and when he opens her gift, it’s Rose's dead cat. She tries to explain it wasn’t her doing and ends up falling through a table, getting glass shards in her arms, and screaming bloody murder in front of the shocked party guests — it’s a grotesque sight to behold.