HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 29:  David Harbour  attends the Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Violent Night" at TCL Chinese Theatre on November 29, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Momodu Mansaray/WireImage)
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The 10 Most Hilarious Moments In Violent Night
Working Santa
The Santa of “Violent Night” swaps out milk and cookies for a pint of beer, providing a running gag throughout the film. At the start Santa is at the bar nursing a pint and complaining about how materialistic Christmas is before downing his drink, climbing to the roof, and hopping in his sleigh like any average joe on the way to work.
A Boozy Montage
Instead of cheery and twinkly-eyed, Santa is a curmudgeon, worn down by centuries on the job, so when he begrudgingly gets to work on Christmas Eve, the montage that ensues is hilarious. Santa goes from shotgunning a can of beer in his sleigh to peeing off the roof of a house to tossing away a perfectly-wrapped present to get through the night.
Meet the Family
Upon first glance, the Lightstone family is your typical uber-rich dysfunctional clan, but they add much-needed comedic relief to the film. From Alva swigging back another drink to Bert live streaming for his fans, the family is horrible, but their interactions are hilarious, even producing laugh after laugh while being held hostage by mercenaries.
Christmas Code Names
Given how dysfunctional the Lightstone family is, it’s no surprise that on Christmas Eve several servants reveal themselves as mercenaries sent to take the family hostage. The hilarity ensues when the mercenaries reveal their festive holiday-themed code names, from Scrooge to Candy Cane, providing a lighthearted contrast to their full combat attire.
The Reindeer Problem
Unlike the stories and songs, Santa’s reindeer in “Violent Night are mischievous, causing problems and providing comedic relief. One of the funniest moments comes when a reindeer takes a dump on the rooftop of Santa’s latest delivery, causing Santa to remark, “Which one of you did that? Prancer? So unprofessional,” all while slurring his words.