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The 10 Most Disturbing Moments From M3GAN
10. M3GAN's debut
The first time M3GAN is demoed is a subtly eerie scene, which sees the titular character begin as an android skeleton, gain her rubber face, and exhibit that she has a mind of her own in an innocent yet inherently terrifying voice. The test goes awry as an eye starts to droop, and her skin begins to bubble before her entire head explodes.
9. Therapist spooked
After M3GAN remarks about how the therapist, Lydia, made Cady cry, Lydia warns Gemma that M3GAN and Cady "could be building emotional connections that are too hard to untangle." This moment confronts the terrifying reality of the social and emotional dangers that advanced tech poses to younger generations.
8. Dog attack
The neighbor’s dog, Dewie, brutally attacks M3GAN as she retrieves Cady’s toy arrow from their yard. A hilariously disheveled M3GAN looks over the fence afterwards, and though her expression is unchanged, it’s easy to guess that things aren't going to turn out well for Dewie or the dog’s owner, Celia.
7. Shutdown denied
Gemma attempts to shut M3GAN off, but this killer AI has figured out workarounds, so she uses the manual off switch behind her ear. While at the lab for further analysis, Gemma asks M3GAN if she’s hurt anyone; the AI’s calm and vague response sends shivers down viewers’ spines.
6. Workplace bully
M3GAN effortlessly lifting Cole off the ground and strangling him is a wild sight, but the scene loses its teeth by not allowing M3GAN to go full-on slasher villain. Since Tess saves Cole, and the explosion knocks them off their feet without doing any real damage, this moment would have benefited from more brutality.