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The 10 Coolest Batman: The Animated Series Villains
Voiced by Ron Perlman and taking influence from the original villain Basil Karlo, Matt Hagen’s Clayface makes his debut in the “Feat of Clay” as a failed actor who gains powers after being exposed to an experimental compound. Clayface’s many abilities, including extending or retracting his limbs at will, make him an exciting opponent.
Harley Quinn
Although Harley Quinn is one of the most popular DC characters, she doesn’t have comic origins and made her debut in “The Animated Series” as a sort of sidekick for the Joker. Harley Quinn started out obsessed with the Joker and was stuck in a seemingly one-sided toxic relationship, but with each appearance, her individuality only grew.
Mister Freeze
Appearing in Season 1’s “Heart of Ice,” which won the series its first Emmy, Mister Freeze differs from most villains as the reason for his crimes is to get the money needed to find a cure for his comatose wife, Nora. This sympathetic motivation makes Mister Freeze one of the more compelling characters in Batman’s rogues gallery.
Josiah Wormwood
Also known as “The Interrogator,” Josiah Wormwood is a criminal that specializes in deathtraps, tasked with stealing the prized possessions of the greatest prey — Batman. While he appears to be a coward hiding behind his traps and puzzles, Wormwood manages to somehow get the best of the hero during his only episode appearance.
The Joker
With a spectacular performance from Mark Hamill that many consider the definitive take on the villain, The Joker is the Yin to Batman’s Yang, with the two seemingly locked in a never-ending conflict. The Clown Prince of Crime first debuted alongside Harley Quinn in 1992’s “Joker’s Favor” and would later become a series regular.