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The 10 Best Thanksgiving Horror Movies
10. Blood Freak
A Vietnam veteran becomes accidentally addicted to marijuana and, after a series of increasingly strange events, is transformed into a murderous psychopath with the body of a man and the head of a bird. The movie has a kind of inimitable weirdness that's likely to appeal to the gore nuts out there but probably not anyone else.
9. ThanksKilling
"ThanksKilling" is the story of a demonic turkey who specifically slaughters white people, and the film offers some exploitative fun. It isn't great and will only appeal to a specific demographic, but in the canon of Thanksgiving horror, "ThanksKilling" and its self-aware sequel "ThanksKilling 3" deserve a mention.
8. Home Sweet Home
"Home Sweet Home" earned the horror badge of honor of being labeled a "video nasty" by Mary Whitehouse and the United Kingdom's Video Recordings Act 1984. However, unless you're a diehard slasher fan or a completionist, it's about as good as you'd expect for a movie about a drug-addled killer who slices up naked young women at Thanksgiving.
7. Séance
It was released directly to DVD in 2008, and compared to other films on the list, it will likely appeal to a broader audience because of its emphasis on atmosphere over gore. The story revolves around five friends left alone in their dorms over the Thanksgiving break who inadvertently summon inhuman spirits after screwing around with an Ouija board.
6. Black Friday
"Black Friday" is a fun alien invasion flick and features a great assemblage of horror staples, including Devon Sawa, Bruce Campbell, and Michael Jai White. While the holiday angle is somewhat lost as the movie progresses, it's niche horror within niche horror and incredibly fun horror at that.