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The 10 Best Paulie Walnuts Moments
On The Sopranos
Big Mouth Billy Bass
When Paulie confronts Christopher (Michael Imperioli) about cheating on his fiancee and then reaches into his car’s backseat, he has us — and Christopher — ready for a gun fight. Instead, he excitedly brings out an animatronic singing fish to show to Christopher, which releases the tension between the two and reminds us how unpredictable Paulie can be.
Attacking ghosts
One of the funniest instances involving Paulie’s superstitions is when he visits a psychic who seemingly starts talking to the ghost of someone he killed. This freaks him out and he throws a chair in the empty space while yelling homophobic slurs at the ghost, which shows Paulie at his most pathetic, but also his most soft and fearful.
The painting
When Tony’s favorite horse dies, he discards a painting of himself and the horse, only for Paulie to put it up in his home (with Tony painted to look like Napoleon). When confronted, Paulie reminds Tony that he doesn’t even visit anymore, reflecting his sadness and love for Tony.
Pearl Harbor
Since he isn't well-educated, Paulie is pretty tone-deaf and problematic at times. When Tony B. (Steve Buscemi) is telling the crew about his Korean boss, Paulie jumps in with racist advice, saying, "Word to the wise: remember Pearl Harbor." Not only are his historical facts wrong, but his advice makes zero sense and makes him look humorously stupid.
Kick in the walnuts
Paulie’s most poorly executed murder was also the most entertaining. When Paulie gets kneed in the groin during a nasty fight with a Colombian gangster, he transforms from mafia baddass to a crying baby within seconds. Even after killing the guy, he continues to roll around on the bloody kitchen floor, clinging to his crotch and groaning (giving us plenty to laugh about).