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The 10 Best Moments In Band Of Brothers
Bull Rides Alone
In Episode 4, "Replacements," Denver "Bull" Randleman evades German soldiers and is sheltered and nursed by a Dutch father and daughter until sunrise when he meets up with Easy Company. While exaggerated from what actually happened, Bull's solo outing and reunion rank among the best scenes.
Malarkey’s Laundry
At the end of Episode 3, "Carentan," Sgt. Donald Malarkey picks up his own laundry, as well as the clean clothes of fallen soldiers; however, in a Reddit Q&A, the real Malarkey's son clarified, "No that didn't happen, that was Hollywood as my dad would say!" Regardless, it's a bitter reminder of the lives lost during World War II.
Compton Taps Out
When Lynn "Buck" Compton arrives in the frigid wilderness of Bastogne, he suffers endless days of freezing in foxholes and finally drops his helmet while looking at the mangled corpses of his friends who were struck by German shelling. In reality, Buck sobbed after losing so many men and recovered from frostbite in a hospital.
Attack On Artillery
After a relatively quiet first episode, "Band of Brothers" jumps straight into the action with "Day of Days" and focuses on the Normandy invasion in devastating detail. Viewers follow Easy Company as they leap from their planes into a sky riddled with explosions and enemy fire and then into assault formation, attacking the German 88s firing on Utah beach.
Sobel Salutes Winters
In Episode 10, "Points," Winters, now a major, bumps into Capt. Sobel, who tries to slip past his former pupil — but Winters shouts, "Captain Sobel. We salute the rank, not the man." Sobel reluctantly salutes his superior officer, a stand-off that actually happened, resulting in one of the most crowd-pleasing moments.