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The 10 Best Moments in Avatar: The Way of Water
Stranded At The Reef
While it can be easy to get lost in the spectacle, “Avatar: The Way Of Water” is often at its best when it slows down. The best example is when Lo’ak is stranded beyond the reef and is nearly done in by a dangerous creature, but with the help of a little cetacean ex machina, Lo'ak is saved at the last minute by Payakan, an exiled tulkun.
The Payakan Rescue
The tide of the final battle changes when Lo'ak's friend Payakan, the exiled tulkun we met before, senses that his friend is in trouble. At the final moment, Payakan emerges from the sea, flopping on the deck of the whaling vessel and all but capsizing it.
Severed Arm
Payakan did even more damage when he used cables from explosive harpoons shot at him to rip a boat in half. As his maneuver severs the boat in two, it takes Captain Mick Scoresby's (Brendan Cowell) arms off in arguably the movie’s most poetic and gruesome moment.
Routine Extraction
One of the first sensational action beats in the movie comes when the humans are mounting an extraction deep in Na’vi territory. As Neytiri gets a few choice shots with her bow and the rain pours down, it's impossible not to marvel at the visual tour-de-force of how incredible the Na'vi look.
The Way Of Water
After Jake and his family arrive at the home of the Metkayina tribe, you get a taste of the underwater world, but the full breadth of its depth and spiritual beauty isn't apparent until a brief, yet astoundingly effective, monologue from Bailey Bass' Tsireya. It expounds on the beauty of the deep, the secrets it holds, and how it forms the core of the Metkayina way of life.