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The 10 Best Margot Robbie Movies Ranked
10. Peter Rabbit 2
"Peter Rabbit 2" provides a platform for both its live-action stars and voice cast to have as good a time as possible, particularly Margot Robbie, who plays both the narrator and Peter's sister, Flopsy Rabbit. If your young ones aren't ready for "Birds of Prey" this is a pleasant and thoughtful entry point into Robbie's body of work.
9. About Time
This may be a film without dialects and very few stakes, but it joyfully reveals Robbie at her most natural. "About Time" is absolutely worthwhile just to watch her in total command of her personality and subtle gifts.
8. Bombshell
In the real world, Roger Ailes silenced women, but on screen, silence speaks volumes. The Oscar-winning makeup that transforms Robbie is remarkable, but it's matched by her bold, breathlessly subdued performance.
7. Dreamland
Director Miles Joris-Peyrafitte fills every shot with youthful exuberance with the help of the live-wire work of Robbie, who plays a bank robber on the run. It's a rough, gorgeous, and wild film and more movies should follow its lead.
6. The Suicide Squad
James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad" may be the cinematic equivalent to comfort food, but Robbie’s performance is layered and she delivers one of the film's most affecting, yet dangerous, moments. Six years into playing Harley, it is impressive that she found new depths in the character.