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The 10 Best Fight Scenes In Lord Of The Rings, Ranked
10. Gandalf - Balrog
The Balrog catches the Fellowship at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, and Gandalf is forced to face it. Through magic, Gandalf blocks the Balrog's whip with a shield and sabotages the bridge without throwing any real punches of his own.
9. Aragorn - Nazgûl
Aragorn comes to Frodo’s aid at Weathertop and fights all five Nazgûl off using fire. This is one of his most impressive feats, but while the sequence has plenty of atmosphere and mood, it’s not as thrilling as the trilogy’s other fight scenes.
8. Rohan - Warg
The Rohirrim — along with the heroes — charge the enemy cavalry, colliding with bone-shattering momentum as rides and mounts fall on both sides. It becomes a chaotic blur of hand-to-hand combat that ends when Aragorn is dragged over a cliff by a warg.
7. Eowyn - Witch King
With Merry’s help, Eowyn defeats the Witch King of Angmar and fulfills the prophecy of “no man can kill me” when she reveals her gender and plunges her sword into his face. Both Merry and Eowyn have been continually overlooked in favor of men, and their defiance saves King Théoden.
6. Sam - Shelob
This giant spider would have snacked on Frodo if Sam hadn’t buried Sting in its abdomen and driven the wounded creature into the shadows using the Light of Eärendil. The sequence only lasts about a minute, but it’s one of the trilogy’s most claustrophobic and disgusting fights.