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The 10 Best Dennis Reynolds Moments On It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Ranked
10. Return To Paddy's
Fans were worried Dennis (Glenn Howerton) would be gone from the show forever when he ditched Paddy’s to take care of a secret family. Howerton even said, “there is a possibility that I will not [return],” so fans were even more relieved when Howerton returned at the end of the 13th season premiere.
9. Forgoing Makeup
When Dee made Dennis ditch his makeup in Season 14, he became unrecognizable to the world. Although it was funny to watch Dennis struggle to embrace his unfiltered self, his sudden lack of confidence and charm was a jarring, foreign experience for everyone watching.
8. Getting His 'Tools’
There’s a long-running gag that Dennis is a serial killer, and he almost blew his cover in Season 7 after gathering his “tools” to get revenge on a woman who rejected him. He’s later stopped by his friends and insists the “tools” are meant for sexual pleasure, which is honestly just as weird.
7. Dee The Suitcase
Dennis threatens to skin Dee alive and turn her flesh “into a piece of high-end luggage” after a disappointing encounter with a reformed cannibal. The snappy remark is a little funny because of how random it was, but it definitely provides a disturbing look into the depths of Dennis’ mind.
6. Going To Therapy
Dennis is so ridiculously narcissistic that his delusions are funny, and his therapy session in Season 8 is the perfect example. He never studied psychology but tells his therapist to view him as a peer, then draws a peculiar picture of him holding her breasts.