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The 10 Best Batman Beyond Villains, Ranked
10. Big Time
Charlie and Terry were best friends until Charlie’s criminal tendencies transformed him into the supervillain Big Time. Charlie is a painful reminder of what Terry could have become if he didn't have a positive influence like Bruce, and their past friendship makes Big Time a particularly effective villain.
9. Starro
Due to Starro's telepathic manipulation, Terry fights against the Justice League, proving he’s worthy of the Batman mantle and as equally talented as the Justice League. Starro is capable of defeating the Justice League, making this alien particularly formidable, but he never feels like a Batman-centric villain.
8. Curaré
The most mysterious figure in Batman's rogues' gallery is Curaré, a shrouded assassin with cyan skin that evokes similar vibes as the classic Batman villain Ra's al Ghul. Curaré's silent demeanor makes her a terrifying force of nature that shuts up the normally wise-cracking Terry, and she’s a standout among his rogues.
7. The Stalker
The Stalker is a cybernetically enhanced big game hunter that feels like a cyberpunk Kraven the Hunter, pursuing Batman across Neo Gotham. Stalker has a striking design and views Batman as an ageless opponent worthy of his attention. He's as likely to work with Batman against a common enemy as he is to try to kill him.
6. Mr. Freeze
Mr. Freeze was brilliantly reimagined as a tragic figure, who justified his criminal activity to rescue his terminally ill wife, Nora. Freeze is one of the villains who gained emotional depth and tragic motivation in “Batman: The Animated Series,” and “Batman Beyond” effectively builds on that character's legacy.