That Character at the End of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 7 Has a Wild History
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One of the central romantic relationships in "Strange New Worlds" is between Spock and his betrothed since childhood T'Pring as they struggle to remain in contact while he is off on his five-year mission. T'Pring works at a rehabilitation facility called Ankeshtan K'til — for Vulcans who have lost sight of logic, given over to passions, and committed horrible crimes.
There has been one notable instance of a passionate Vulcan appearing as a main character in a Trek story: the character of Sybok who was Spock's brother and the antagonist of the film "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier." Now in “Strange New Worlds” Sybok has a cameo at the end of "The Serene Squall" as a potentially dangerous inmate at Ankeshtan K'til.
Sybok believed emotions were important and had developed a technique to reach into people's minds and essentially eradicate the negative emotions connected with their worst memories. In so doing, his "patients" began following him as a cult leader and the irony was that Sybok didn’t seem to realize that he had simply found a new way to repress emotions.
Sybok also, while pursuing his passions, became obsessed with the legend of Sha Ka Ree, a planet at the center of the galaxy that may — or may not — be where God lives. Sybok would later perish and it is unclear at this point if he will become an antagonist on this new iteration or simply a passing reference.