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Terrifier 3 Could Be So Big It Gets Split Into Two Movies
Ultra-gory clown slasher "Terrifier 2" has proven itself a hit, most recently seeing an unprecedented uptick of nearly 84% at the box office in its third week out. It's no surprise then that writer-director Damien Leone’s plans for a threequel are on his mind, and apparently they've gotten a little too unwieldy to be contained to one movie.
The second "Terrifier" film was certainly enigmatic enough to warrant future installments: It introduced a mysterious pale girl and ended with a gnarly, mind-bending birth scene, neither of which was fully explained. Apparently, there's a reason for that: "I had a 'Part 3' in mind when writing 'Part 2,'" the filmmaker told Variety.
Leone further explained, "I pretty much have the entire treatment ready for 'Part 3,' but it's getting so big that it could potentially split into a 'Part 4' because I wouldn't want to make another 2 hour 20-minute movie." He’s also unsure if he would go further than that, as he doesn’t want to risk “jumping the shark” with too many sequels.