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Terrifier 2 Was Just As Brutal To Film As It Was To Watch
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for
"Terrifier 2."
While "Terrifier 2" succeeds in being a vastly improved sequel in terms of its story and characters, the major attraction that audience members are talking about is director Damien Leone's astounding practical gore effects. Some of these effects were so gruesome that it nearly made one of its actors sick.
AEW wrestler Chris Jericho has a small role as a security guard named Burke, where he had to eat Halloween-themed gelatin. Jericho said, “It was really gross. And I remember [Damien] was like, 'Can you just eat one more?' And I was like, 'Dude, I'll eat one more, and then that's it! Because I'm gonna f***ing puke if I have to do another one of these.'"
Of all of the effects to make people sick in "Terrifier 2," this is the last thing one would think would cause a reaction, but the longer one looks at the zombie platter, the more it makes sense — no one would call this plate of slime appetizing. Jericho knows, however, that it's all part of making a horror movie, saying, "You've got to eat too many gelatinous eyeballs."