(Original Caption) 9/29/1960-Hollywood, CA-: John Wayne holds his daughter, Aissa, on the set of "The Alamo."
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Taking A Break
From Acting
Was Never Something John Wayne Had The Luxury To Do
John Wayne had been working steadily in movies for over 30 years when principal photography wrapped on Howard Hawkes' "Rio Bravo" in 1958, and the miles were beginning to wear on the screen legend. In terms of box office success, he'd more than earned a break, but he had to keep churning out movies because he had no choice.
Wayne might've been a meticulous manager of his career, but his personal life was a mess. He was a heavy drinker, and habitually unfaithful to his wives, where he engaged in multiple affairs, including one with Merle Oberon that stretched over two marriages.
In an interview with UPI's Vernon Scott, Wayne said, "I've been acting for almost 30 years, and never come close to amassing a fortune. I'd like to take it easy for a while, but I can't. I have to work to keep my head above water. By the time I pay off alimony, my business agent, manager and raise five kids, I'm lucky if I break even. I keep working because I need the money."