ROME, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 14: Sylvester Stallone attends the Paramount+ Italian launch red carpet at Cinecitta on September 14, 2022 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Ernesto S. Ruscio/Getty Images)
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Wrote A Rocky Film
That Never
Saw The
Light Of Day
There have been eight films in the Rocky cinematic universe, with a ninth set to be released on March 3, 2023. Sylvester Stallone revealed that the transition from "Rocky" to "Rocky II" was initially meant to be gentler and that "Rocky II" was supposed to be "Rocky III."
There was once an interim chapter in the Rocky saga that he had written a script for, but that simply did not get made. “I wrote a script that was supposed to be 'Rocky II' where they hadn't gotten married yet, and Adrian leaves Rocky because he hadn't grown up any, and she got fed up,” said Stallone.
The premise of "Rocky II" was initially intended to show off how uncouth Rocky was, and he would have to win Adrian back from another suitor, but sadly, the studio rejected it. Stallone said: “I still think it's the second best script in the series, after the original.”