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Superman As A Young Journalist Is Exactly How You Make The Character Relevant Again
Times are changing at DC Studios as new co-heads James Gunn and Peter Safran have entered the mix and made no secret of what their plans for Superman are. According to Variety, the planned "Superman" feature will take Clark Kent back to his roots as a man making his way through Metropolis as a reporter.
Superman still wields a tremendous amount of influence for fans all across the globe. Not only does this raise the stakes for the in-development Black-led "Superman" film by Ta-Nehisi Coates, but Gunn — no stranger to exploring material that others wouldn't — could also seize the opportunity to reestablish the hero as one who truly speaks to truth, justice, and all the rest.
Should Clark Kent's journalism in Gunn’s version receive as much of a focus as in previous depictions, the question of keeping the character "relevant" could finally be put to rest. It could give audiences a modern take on Superman that keeps his investigative backstory fully intact — one that will hold new meaning for any movie released in today’s current political climate.