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Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 2: Everything We Know
So Far
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains major spoilers for Season 4, Volume 1 of "Stranger Things."
Volume 1 of “Stranger Things” ended on a cliffhanger, with Nancy's fate up in the air. However, as the image above suggests, Nancy seems to be alright (at least not under Vecna's spell at the moment), as the adults are reunited with some of the kids back in Hawkins, on the verge of hatching a grand plan to defeat the big baddie terrorizing them and the town.
It appears Max and Lucas will share a sweet moment, and hopefully, Max will make it out okay in the end, along with the others Vecna has specifically targeted as a part of his nefarious plan. As a time jump is expected at some point in Volume 2, we might see the cast better prepared to fight this formidable threat while banding together.
Though seemingly a resolved issue there still could be danger lurking around the corner regarding the Russia storyline, and the gang might have to fight their way out of the predicament they're currently in. The core cast will all be reprising their roles as they try to put an end to the horror that grips Hawkins once and for all.
According to the sneak peek released for Volume 2, Vecna is just getting started with Eleven, and shots of a semi-liquid matter swirling inside a tank point to the possibility that there may be other creatures ready to be unleashed. Several threads still require resolution, such as the reason why time stands still in the Upside Down, how exactly Vecna got his powers, and what his endgame actually is.
The darker tone of volume 2 could potentially lead to surprise deaths and devastating plot developments. No one is safe, and anything can happen. Volume 2 of "Stranger Things" season 4 will premiere on July 1, 2022. The season finale is expected to be 2 hours, 20 minutes long, which is fitting, as the show has a lot of ground to cover.