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Strange World Directors Wanted The Movie To Be More Like The Matrix Than Men In Black
In “Strange World,” the characters discover they’re living on the back of a turtle-like creature and they’re harming it unwittingly. /Film recently spoke to director Don Hall and co-director/writer Qui Nguyen about this revelation in the film and how the endings for "The Matrix" and "Men In Black" helped the directors keep their own ending on track.
Nguyen shared, "It wasn't just like the ending of 'Men In Black' where it was like, 'Oh, we finished the whole story and then suddenly they're in a marble and you're like, 'Oh, that's cute.' But here, much like in 'The Matrix,' we want that revelation that this wasn't what you thought it was to suddenly change their perspective on how they were going to treat this world."
“Strange World” is similar to "Men In Black" in that audiences see the world in a new way, but in the latter film, characters are nothing more than a game piece for another creature who doesn't care. Like the bigger, hidden truth seen at the end of “The Matrix,” "Strange World" zooms out and shows viewers that they’re part of a larger ecosystem and have to work to help it survive.