Daisy Ridley as Rey wielding her staff in The Last Jedi
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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Answers A Major Question From The
Last Jedi
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for
“Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.”
The “Jedi” video games, “Fallen Order" and "Survivor," have been praised for their gameplay and stories that see protagonist Cal Kestis fighting against the Empire.
Although these games take place during the period when the Empire is dominating the galaxy, one small detail in the game has major ties to a key element of "The Last Jedi."
Despite Luke Skywalker seemingly cutting himself off from the Force and obsessing over the failures of his predecessors in “The Last Jedi,” he still protects the sacred Jedi texts.
The movie doesn’t explore these texts much, but it's these books that hold the legacy and teachings of the Jedi Order — and they have a long history behind them.
In “Jedi: Survivor,” Cal reunites with his mentor, Cere Junda, and it's here that the players find out that she’s been slowly building a Jedi archive like the one on Coruscant.
Unfortunately, Darth Vader destroys this collection of knowledge — everything except a handful of old, leather-bound books that look exactly like Luke’s sacred Jedi texts.