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Star Trek: Voyager Finally Found a Cameo Worthy of Jason Alexander
Jason Alexander has been a vocal Trekkie for most of his life, and he finally appeared in the franchise on the “Voyager” episode “Think Tank” in 1999, where he played the soft-spoken alien Kurros. He also played a version of Captain Kirk on the hour-long TV special “Ultimate Trek: Star Trek’s Greatest Moments,” where he paid tribute to William Shatner, a personal hero of his
In a 2013 interview, Alexander said he always wanted to be part of the “Star Trek” universe, but it was never the right time or part, saying that he was usually offered human roles that resembled George Costanza from “Seinfeld.” However, when he was offered the role of an alien who was “the smartest guy in the galaxy,” he was eager to join.
Alexander was quite excited to be in the makeup chair, even if his exotic bone plate and intergalactic look led to his young son saying he looked “like snot.” Alexander will return to the franchise on “Star Trek: Prodigy,” where he will be playing the new recurring character of Dr. Noum.