Star Trek: Discovery Put Some Demands On Strange New Worlds' Costume Design
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When it comes to "Star Trek," few things are more important than continuity. The vast universe of "Trek" films and shows — most of which jump forward and back across the prime timeline — often connect and even intersect, which means that narrative isn't the only thing that has to align across multiple pieces of media.
“Discovery" solved this by introducing flair and color to the Starfleet uniform as seasons passed, which made for an interesting and exciting evolution for fans who look out for those small, world-building details. Now its direct successor, "Strange New Worlds," has the struggle of linking the grounded elements of "Discovery" with the casual, colorful world of the original series.
One important element lifted from "Discovery" was the strong-shouldered silhouette on every uniform and now "Strange New Worlds" is beginning to incorporate the form-fitting v-neck from the original series. The changes may be subtle, but they all work in service of the story, and watching them evolve to the well-known fashion of the original series will be a major treat for long-time "Trek" fans.