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Spock and Kirk's First Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Meeting is Being Taken Seriously
They’ve had first meetings in alternate universes, but Kirk and Spock will officially have their first meeting in the central “Star Trek” canon on the second season of “Strange New Worlds.” In an interview, co-showrunner Henry Alonso Myers talked about how the creative team is treating the matter with the utmost importance, saying “We think about it every day.”
In the interview, Myers talked about the challenge of balancing fan expectations and keeping true to where Kirk is as a person in the “Strange New Worlds” timeline. In regards to Kirk, Myers said that he is “not yet the person who he is going to be. He has some stuff to figure out before he becomes that person.”
Even though the meeting between the eventual best friends will be epic to longtime Trekkies, it also needs to fit with the natural progression of the overall story. Fans will have to wait and see if Myers and his team will amp up the fan service with references and catchphrases, but Myers does promise that they will “absolutely make a big moment of it and hope people will enjoy.”