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Spider-Man Movies Ranked From Worst To Best
9. Amazing Spider-Man
When you consider the scenes left out (e.g., Irrfan Khan's character), "The Amazing Spider-Man" is a hatchet job, even at 136 minutes. Obviously, this is a wannabe of "Batman Begins," and Sony emphasizes Peter Parker's role as a pseudo-orphan whose backstory is shaped by his parent's disappearance, not his beloved uncle's death
8: Spider-Man 3
Sam Raimi's final Spider-Man installment is best remembered for its emo Peter Parker, who swings from a chandelier and dances evilly in an effort to make Mary Jane jealous. As a 97-pound weakling who becomes Hero of the Beach, his new look resembles something out of a hairstyle catalog, not a comic.
7. Amazing Spider-Man 2
Despite a promising beginning, the film never becomes the course correction it was seemingly set up to be. In the end, it’s still a mercenary endeavor that gets lost in the setup for a Sinister Six spinoff, which, of course, never happened.
6. Spider-Man
The original "Spider-Man" movie has its moments, but Willem Defoe's Green Goblin is a campy, cringe-inducing symptom of the genre's growing pains. There are times when a canny cartoon villain can work, but this one's nasally voice and Power Rangers armor has aged poorly.
5. Far from Home
This is Tom Holland's second solo Spider-Man film, and it's as entertaining as ever, but it's also loaded with some surprising political subtext. This movie makes a refreshing change from the first half of this list by distancing itself from a few aspects of the hero's past and instead focusing on his future.