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Sorry, Spock: Tuvok Is Star Trek's Best Vulcan
Spock is one of the most popular “Star Trek” characters, taking on the rational, calm figure of the crew that also possesses a more human side, thanks to his mixed Vulcan heritage.
While Spock wrestles with his human impulses and strict logical ideology, “Star Trek: Voyager” introduces another Vulcan to the franchise that exemplifies their species, Tuvok.
Tuvok, the first main-cast Vulcan on "Star Trek" since Spock, is, unambiguously, the best Vulcan in the franchise. He is, at the very least, the best at being a Vulcan.
Tuvok's logical mind allows him to approach situations logically, but he also seemed more adaptable to emotional reactions, unlike Spock, who was often perplexed by human behavior.
Spock was written when the lore about Vulcans was still being invented, whereas Tuvok came nearly 30 years later and benefitted from a more solid groundwork.
Other Vulcans would be featured in “Star Trek,” either as support characters or before the expanded lore, but none represented the alien race better than Tuvok could.